Senior Software Engineer (SSE)

Senior Software Engineer (SSE)

Job Description

Technology Skillset

Hands-on experience and detailed understanding of Java programming language

Define and implementation experience of Spring-boot & JPA/Hibernate                   frameworks

Expertise in Front end development tools like Typescript, Angular JS

Detailed implementation experience in Databases (general ANSI Standard SQL)

MicroServices development, Deployment, Management using Java

Versioning control of deployed software and source code management

Detailed understand and implementation experience of CI/CD for code                        check-in and deployment

Expert in

  • Unit testing frameworks for frontend and backend
  • Automate unit testing to integrate with CI/CD

Exposure/Knowledge in

  •  Cloud technologies – like AWS
  • Deployment and development using APIs in cloud platforms like AWS,  Azure, etc.

Knowledge in using development tools like

  • Git, BitBucket, etc.
  • Open source tools required for development

Knowledge/Exposure in

  • Testing methodologies – System testing, Integration testing, unit testing etc. 

Programming skills

Expert in design patterns –

  • Creational Patterns viz., Factory pattern, Abstract Factory Pattern, Singleton Pattern, Builder Pattern, Prototype Pattern
  • Structural Design Patterns viz., – Adapter, Composite, Proxy, Flyweight, Façade, Bridge, Decorator Patterns
  • Behavioral Patterns viz., Template Method, Mediator, Chain of Responsibility, Observer, Strategy, Command, State, Visitor Interpreter,  Iterator, Memento Pattern
  • Other design patterns like – Interceptors, Injection

Expert/Knowledgeable in –

  • Security – Authentication Patterns, Authorization patterns (RBAC)
  • Secure coding patterns, OWASP standards
  • Security Testing and protection
  • Security Certificate Management

Soft Skills

Strong command in Communication skills

Manage a small team of junior engineers in the future

Interact with SME