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Transforming The Auditing Industry

We believe there is a better way to streamline your Practice. Using our cloud platform, auditing firms can easily collaborate within the teams and their clients. We focus on improving the efficiency of an audit firm at the same time being compliant with the latest Audit and Accounting standards of our country. We are obsessively passionate about transforming the auditing industry in the world with our contactless audit platform. We are excited to simplify the overall auditing process and fundamentally change the way we do audits

Our Values

• Integrity • Customer Delight • Ingenuity  • Excellence • Transparent


We always act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do. We take pride in our craft. We are each invested in the success of what we are building, both collectively and as individuals.We focus on the greater good of our company and the people it serves

Customer Delight

Not only are we always thinking about the customers, we also want to see the world through the eyes of our customers to serve them better. We look for opportunities to delight as we work together, support our users, and design our product. We’re approachable, enthusiastic and we have fun


Figure out smarter ways to make things work better by leveraging technology in unique ways to make our customers work efficiently. We act with urgency, proving concepts quickly, and shipping often. We use short feedback cycles, so we catch mistakes early and evolve immediately delivering continuous improvement


We want to constantly redefine our goals and expectations and push boundaries. Everything we create is designed to challenge the industry and exceed the expectations of our users. We are committed to deliver and cater our customers through Best in Class solutions helping them drive efficiencies


We encourage open and fearless communication, within the team and with all our stakeholders. We set clear, realistic expectations and earn the trust of each other and our users. We strongly believe mutual trust is built from consistency, that will increase our credibility and accountability

Team Philosophy

We’re confident, but we aren’t afraid to acknowledge when we’re wrong. We listen to and weigh every perspective •Be yourself • Be passionate • Push each other to get better •Evolve and adapt • Do the right thing • Listen actively • Give feedback respectfully • Never stop learning • Never stop growing


What's Our Secret? Great People.


Joseph Christy

Founder & CEO

99’ Batch BITS Pilani, a certified Chartered Accountant with over 16+ yrs of industry experience


Senthilkumar Malliah Jegadeeswaran

Co-founder & CPO

99’ Batch BITS Pilani, an SME in Product Delivery, IT & Ops with 16+ yrs of global experience


Venkatesh Jagannathan

Co-founder & CTO

SME in IT Architecture, Security, and Data compliance with 25+ yrs of industry experience

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